There Will Be a Special Seminar on Tree Care This Month for All Our Members

The seminar is entitled, Understanding the Real Meaning of Tree Care, and it will be put on by Tree Care Services Westminster CO.

The primary presenter at the seminar will be Mr. Walter Jenkins, the executive vice president of Tree Care Services Westminster CO and a man who many members of Passione-Moto Verniciature already know.

Those of you who attended our Passion Flower seminar last July, in the summer of 2015, will remember the wonderful lecture that Mr. Jenkins gave then. It was a seminar designed to teach even neophyte gardeners how to make their flowers and plants bloom with…with passion!

The seminar was filled with all sorts of highly technical, very complex specialist knowledge, but Mr. Jenkins spoke with such directness and simplicity that hardly anyone noticed the complexity that they were being drawn into. They just noticed how delightful it was to sit there and listen to Mr. Jenkins speak, because his words caused people to see what can only be called movies in their minds.

Mr. Jenkins promises to do the very same thing this year in his various seminar lectures on Understanding the Real Meaning of Tree Care.

 The seminar will last three days, and Mr. Jenkins tells us that the first day will be devoted almost entirely to the subject of pruning.

Pruning, of course, is an absolutely essential practice for maintaining the health and well-being of woody plants, and it is both an art and a science. The science, Mr. Jenkins will teach all of us who attend the seminar, consists in knowing exactly how and when to prune your trees for maximum benefit. And the art consists in making the cuts properly.

Mr. Jenkins will give hands on instruction in the fine art of pruning—instructions, he promises, that will be so thorough, and so simple, that even those who have never pruned a tree before will go home knowing how to do it.

And as for the science of pruning, he has prepared a little instruction book that his chock full of crucial information that covers such information as time for pruning, healing response to pruning, types of pruning cuts, and much more.

For information on what will be taught on the second and third days of the seminar, please tune in to our blog tomorrow. And please consider joining what looks like It will be a very exciting seminar!